Jointing Paste

Definition: A special water based jointing paste made for magnesium oxide NevPanel® construction panels. 

Features: This paste, which is used for filling joint gaps between the panels on interior and exterior walls, floors and suspended ceilings, which have been coated with NevPanel®, can provide the solid bounding between the panels thanks to its strong structure and it can also minimize the joint cracks that can be caused by a structures’ movement due to its flexibility.

Application: After mounting NevPanel® insulation panels using screws by leaving 3mm joint gaps in between them, apply the jointing paste to the joint gaps and screw surfaces with a 5mm spatula. The joint gaps where the jointing paste has been applied shall be covered with joint tape. After this,reapply jointing paste to the surfaces of the joint tape using a 10 mm spatula. In order to obtain a smooth and even surface, the surface should be rubbed down and be prepared for finishings like painting.